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Online Feng Shui Store - Living with Good Feng Shui.


Welcome to OnlineFengShuiStore.com. Thanks for taking the time to visit us and your interest in who we are.

OnlineFengShuiStore.com is the online solution to cater to those who desire to improve their way of life through the ancient Chinese wisdom of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a practice to bring about a harmonious and conducive atmosphere for your life, your home and business. Since it is practically impossible to find a house or office with perfect Feng Shui, the simplest way to fix such problems is to use quality Feng Shui products to get rid of all the bad sha energy, and attract good luck and harmony.

Everything in our store is about Feng Shui Enhancers, Remedies, Cures and Tool to bring peace, abundance and happiness to your life. A Feng Shui product which has the appropriate symbol, colour and placement can also enhance the flow of energy for extra attention on a particular aspect of life. Feng Shui symbols of good fortune can be used to jazz up your love of life, enhance career or fame and help to improve your environment and health. They also help to manifest the positive chi energy within the living space.

We strive to bring you a wide array of Feng Shui Products from Chi Lin, Pi Yao, I-Ching coins, Wu Lous, auspicious amulets, to wind chimes, laughing Buddha, Tibetan Dzi, all sorts of crystals and pagodas are available for selection and purchase for collection and gifts. Presenting thoughtful gifts that can bring good luck to both the receiver and yourself is a wonderful experience.

We at OnlineFengShuiStore.com are here to make your everyday life an auspicious encounter and we are committed to providing excellent service and satisfaction throughout your delightful shopping experience with us.

Being a work in progress, we are continuously building up our product range and are always open to new ideas. Do let us know if you have something to recommend. We're always mighty glad to hear from you.

Good Price, Great Products and Excellent Service are our priorities!

Happy shopping with us.

Thank you.


Address & Contacts:

19, Jalan Wangsa Siaga 1,
Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-41433162
Email: contact@onlinefengshuistore.com