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Elephant & Rhino in Feng Shui

The Protective Feng Shui Animals - Elephant and Rhinoceros.

In the sphere of Feng Shui, the indomitable pair of Elephant and Rhinoceros is the ultimate symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, business competitors and backstabbing. The undefeatable pair is the proven and trusted cure against people out to harm or cheat you, injuries and other violent afflictions brought by the #7 Violent Star. This honour is earned because of the magnificent history and characteristics of both animals.


Most of us are aware that the Elephant has long been and is still viewed as a sacred animal in many cultures of the world, notably in India, Thailand, Indochina and Africa. Elephants also play an important role in both Hindu and Buddhist religions. Ganesh, the Hindu elephant God, is revered as the divine remover of obstacles. In his teachings, the Buddha often spoke about elephants and their image and characteristics as powerful metaphors. Naturally, they became synonymous with wisdom, power, strength, peace, longevity, good luck and success. It is said that the mother of Lord Buddha dreamt of a pure white elephant just prior to Buddha’s birth, adding fertility to the Elephant’s impressive list of symbolic representations. In ancient times, Elephants were popular as gifts to kings and emperors leading to their status as symbols of royalty, supremacy, nobility and stateliness.

The rhinoceros is a large, primitive-looking mammal that has roamed the earth for millions of years. Its ability to fend off predators and to thrive for so long is ample testimony to its hardiness and resilience. Little wonder then that it has grown to become a powerful symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, backstabbing and injuries as well as to counter the violent #7 star. The Rhinoceros has also been mentioned in ancient classics as a symbol of virility and can be used to fend off evil spirits.

Though impressively large and formidable individually, the united power of these two animals is indeed a force to reckon with. The interaction of their combined strengths gives rise to what Feng Shui masters regard as the supreme remedy for protection against violence of any kind. These powerful creatures have gotten their protective attributes from their indomitable strength and size as well as their tenacious and resilient nature. While their primary role is as powerful protectors, these valiant animals are also sought after for their other positive qualities such as endurance, longevity, peace, harmony, authority, good luck and success.

You can harness the protective and favourable energy of this pair of Feng Shui guardians in many ways - display a figurine or plaque into your home or office, or carry Feng Shui amulets such as tassels, pendants or key rings with their image.

1. Place the Rhinoceros & Elephant facing out to the main door of your home. This will prevent those with harmful intentions from entering your home. It will also ward off robberies and accidents.

2. Display the Rhinoceros & Elephant facing outwards near the main entrance of your business premise or your desk. This will keep competitors and enemies at bay. It will also ward off robberies and accidents.

3. The Rhinoceros & Elephant is one of the most potent cure for the Violent Star #7 which brings violence, burglary and bloodshed. Read more about this vicious Flying Star and its location in the current and coming years.

4. Hang a Rhinoceros & Elephant amulet in your car, clip on or pop it in your bag, or bunch up together with your house keys to ensure that you are always everywhere you go.

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